Two Coats You Should Never Get Rid Of

Here at Comes with Baggage we are ALL about the edit! As many of you know we finance our little bag line by selling everything that isn’t nailed down on eBay!  But something we’ve all suffered from: Edit Regret!  Tossed aside clothes, and later realized you ditched something you shouldn’t have. Ugh! Hate that feeling.

So consider this somewhat of a Public Service Announcement from your friends at Comes with Baggage.

It’s been freeze your ta-ta’s off cold in New York City as of late, and that means we’ve been doing lots of layering. Lots!

As they layers have piled on, it’s once again reminded us of two coats you should never get rid of. Both are great for layering, and as we’re about to show you, they stand the test of time.

The Jean Jacket


Between the girls in our office, we’ve abandoned more jean cuts than we’d like to get rid of, but not anymore.

The jean jacket is timeless, and perfect for layering. Not to mention, the older and more warn they get, the better they look. Look Levi’s can’t be wrong having never changed the classic style in almost 20o years!

The next time you go to get rid of your jean jacket, remember this post. If you give it away, you’re going to being forking over the cash to buy another at some point down the road.

The Pea Coat


Like the jean jacket, the pea coat is a classic one you have to hold on to.

As the years go by you might see a button changed here or there, a larger or smaller collar, or some other small detail change, but at the end of the day, a pea coat is a pea coat.

Granted, if you have the money to buy a new one each year, feel free, but it’s totally not necessary.

And yes, like the jean jacket, we’ve given a few away only to have to turn around and buy another one. You’ve probably done the same.

The beauty of these two coats is that you can easily wear a jean coat under a pea coat for extra warmth. Perfection!

The Proof

Take a look at the two photos above one more time.

You good?

The people in the photos, and their coats, look stylish, right? The images were taken at least two years ago. That just goes to show that a good jean coat and pea coat can easily stand the test of time.

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