Tighten Up

If you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing New York during its frigid winters, you’ve definitely had your fair share of experiences with leggings, leg warmers and tights! Finding the perfect pair of tights is like trying to find a perfect boyfriend—We want smart, funny, in shape, and good looking! Alas we often find the other kind – unreliable, the ones that run, rip, and tear, won’t keep their shape, and let’s not even mention the annoyance of putting them on and taking them off. But you keep coming back because we will settle for almost perfect and looks great at parties. 😉

There are undeniably a number of benefits to wearing tights. They keep us warm, go with almost everything, and make that extra piece of chocolate cake last night a little less noticeable.

My dearest friend would cut off the legs of her tights and wear the top part under her going-out clothes because she felt she was too young to purchase Spanx of any sort. Explaining this to a new boyfriend was an entirely other blog! All girls without a doubt love thinning shape wear, but here at CWB, we value the legs part of tights as much as  the girdle part. With the new year inching closer, it’s time to go through your tights drawer and replace those old, almost perfect pairs with some totally trendy ones that are totally perfect!

CWB’s favorite winter tight trends this year:


Nothing is sexier than lace tights. They allow you to look hot as hell without looking like a ho-ho-ho because they’re also fashionable. Whether they are fishnet or printed, lace tights go perfectly with any party dress. You could even be bold and dress up your office outfit with this hot, winter trend. But don’t go to short on your skirt or you will look like the office ho-hoh-ho!

Writing and Symbols

Have fun with your hosiery! Anna Wintour might take 2013’s winter tights trend seriously, but you certainly don’t have to. These ‘Wanna Party’ tights are one of our favorites at CWB and will look amazing on New Year’s Eve with a shimmery black dress.  For a fun, weekend day look, try some tights with symbols!


Suspender tights are a new trend that a lot of celebrities have been rocking lately. They combine the sexiness of sheer tights with the warm practicality of opaque tights all in a garter detail. Throw on a leather skirt or shorts on but only if you have legs like Miranda Kerr!


Yeah, awkward & weird at first but Chanel practically invented then reinvented the trend so they are definitely fashionable. You can wear this two-tone tight trend (try saying that ten times fast) to glam up an outfit from all angles. If you want to be really bold, try a pair that are different shades on each leg. Or even an ombre pair! But keep the lines straight or you’ll look like you’ve been spun through a blender!

From our tight-thusiasst to you, You Gotta Fight for your Right to Tight!!

Ex Oh, Ex Oh,


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