GLAMOUR Women Of The Year Awards – 2013

I’ve always had a strong interest in everything and anything involving fashion. When I heard GLAMOUR Magazine was looking for volunteers for their Woman of the Year event, I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by. I jumped at the chance to help out!

I was given the task of hand-delivering invitations to guests for this years Glamour Women Of the Year Awards 2013 at New York City’s iconic Carnegie Hall. The pay-off was well worth it, as I was extended an invitation myself to attend the gala and bear witness to a truly inspiring event.

I spent the day at Flying Television – Talent Booking & Brokering, where I am a fall/winter intern, and even the staff there were excited for me! I brought my dress to their office, did my hair, and then gave them all a quick look-see at my dress (which they all deemed “VERY GLAMOUR MAG”) and dashed to Carnegie Hall! I hit my seat just in time for the show. At 7:30PM the lights dimmed and the program began. Seth Meyers, (Hilarious actor, head writer for Saturday Night Live, and soon to be Late Night Talk Show Host) opened up the show. As expected, he was his usual funny self, stating that every year his Women Of The Year Award is dedicated to his mother, but this year his new bride Alexi Ashe stole the award…it was a close call for him!

The women of the year honorees included Lady Gaga, Gabby Gifford & Mark Kelly, Malala Yousafzai, Catherine Martin, Liya Kebede & Christy Turlington Burns, Natalie Massenet (founder of Net-a-Porter), Carissa Moore, Barbra Streisand, Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis and Melinda Gates. Celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Lily Collins, Andy Cohen, Hilary Clinton, Rose Byrne, and others were on stage to present the awards throughout the evening.

Lady Gaga (The Monster Talent) was awarded a Women of the Year award not just for her musical success but for being a huge insipiration to girls everywhere. Melinda Gates (The Advocate) was awarded with a Women of The Year award due to being one of the most respected philantropists in modern history. She is cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (along with her hubby Bill Gates) and vowed to spend 90% of their fortune on helping those less fortunate around the world. Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly were awarded Couple of The Year. On January 8, 2011, U.S Represantative Gabriell Giffords was shot in the head. Her husband, a retired astronaut (!!!), stood by her side during her recovery as she learned to speak and walk again. Liya Kebede and Christy Turlington Burns (The Role Models) were awarded Women of The Year awards not for being super gorgeous, but for both starting foundations to help and support maternal health care. Being that both of them are mothers, they share the same passion to have all women have safe births. Catherin Marin (The Fashion Wizard) won A WOTY award for being one of the most influential costume designers in moviemaking. She was in charge of all the fabulous outfits we saw in the movie Great Gatsby! Natalie Massenet (The Chairman of Cool), the founder of Net – a – Porter , won a WOTY award for introducing and changing fashion in the online marketplace. She was the first to come up with a web-based way of purchasing designer clothes. Carissa Moore (The Game Changer), received a WOTY award. She is the youngest person ever to win the Women’s World Surfing Championship and the first woman invited to participate in the men’s Triple Crown of Surfing competition. In a male dominating sport, she proves that girls can do anything they put their minds to. Kaitlin Roig-Debellis (The Protector) is a brave teacher that packed 15 1st graders in a tiny bathroom when a gun man was loose at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She was awarded a WOTY award for saving their lives and created the charity Classes 4 Classes, which gives educational gifts to other classrooms in need. Barbara Streisand was given the the Lifetime Achievement Award. She is the first woman to write, direct, produce, and star in her own film (Yentl). Besides having a wonderful voice, she opened a research center for heart disease – “The Barbara Streisand Woman’s Heart Center”.


I found the most moving part of the evening came when 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai took the stage to receive her WOTY fund honoree award and was instantly given a standing ovation. Of the small group of people who will ever receive a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall, she is in my opinion the most deserving.  Malala Yousafzai is known for activism in the Pakistan region of Swat Valley where she advocated for the rights to education for women. She wrote a blog for the BBC detailing her life under the Taliban rule as well as filmed a New York times documentary. As a result of her movements to grow awareness of what was happening in her region, she was shot in the head an neck on her way home from school by the Taliban. She was unconscious, but when she stabilized she was moved to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England. The Taliban has still claimed that their intentions are to kill Yousafzai and her father.

For many of us, this incident might have silenced us, but not for Malala Yousafzai. It only made her stronger. She still speaks out about the Taliban and the rights of girls to have equal educational opportunities in her home region. She stated at the Glamour Awards, “I believe the gun has no power”. Lady Gaga was so moved by Malaia that she stated, “if I could, I would forfeit the magazine cover and devote it to Malala instead.”


The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Barbara Streisand by Hilary Clinton. Babs stated that “America needs a woman president” (hint-hint).

While exiting the awards show, I was gifted with a swag bag full of Loreal makeup/beauty products and the Glamour magazine with Lady Gaga on the cover.  This night was all about girl power and inspired me to fear nothing and accomplish everything! It was truly a night to remember and ignite inspiration!

xx  CWB Intern Josha

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