eBay Can Be Your One Way Ticket To A Dream Wedding Day

On April 27th, I married the love of my life in a gorgeous raw silk and tulle confection by Vera Wang.  Today, 6 months later, I sold it on eBay for 1/3 of the retail price.

I always knew I wanted to sell my wedding gown after my wedding. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a heartless soul, with no sense of sentimental value. I just knew that keeping it wasn’t for me. I come from a family of savers, we have designer items unspoiled in plastic and tissue paper from my grandmother that I cherish, but we also have random tchotchkes (Yiddish for crap!) from who knows where.

In 1975, my grandmother had my mom’s Priscella of Boston wedding gown preserved in an air-sealed bag and tucked it away in her basement, perhaps for a daughter to wear one day. Fast-forward 30+ years and neither my sister nor I wanted to wear the gown. And I doubt one day my daughter (if I have one!) will want to wear mine. Cross off preserving it from the list.

I thought about those ‘trash the dress’ photo-shoots that some brides do post-wedding, where they jump in a lake or roll around in paint while wearing their gown. It just felt wrong to me. Why trash something so beautiful?

I also thought about turning the gown into something else: pillows, a basinet, a duvet cover – did I really want such an expensive piece of bedding?

Then I thought about selling it, giving someone else a chance to love it as much as I did. Every girl should feel like her most beautiful self on her wedding day, and this gown, with its double corset and boning, definitely made me feel that way.  I wanted another girl to share my happiness.

Someone once told me ‘Don’t let your possessions own you, You own them.’ I owned this gorgeous gown, probably the most expensive item I have ever worn, and now I am honored that someone else is going to own it too.

The girl who purchased the gown sent me a note today that she had been hunting for this dress on eBay for over two years because she could never afford the dress at retail. She added after a lot of thanks, that my selling this dress made her dreams of being a beautiful bride come true. I have no doubt that this was the way to go and I encourage everyone to release their gowns into the bridal universe to let another girl’s dream become reality.

PS – Hilary Duff also shared in the Vera Wang Gemma gown love as she wore this dress on her wedding day too!

Xx, Your CWB Gal

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  1. Ali says

    What an amazing story. I wish I had the guts to do that! Now your gown gets to make another girl’s dreams come true…it couldn’t be more special!

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