CWB’s Special Love For #Banksy

It is no secret that Comes With Baggage is directly inspired by artists and often by those that choose Graffiti as their outlet of expression.

One particular artist who has been on our radar since the beginning of time is #Banksy. We almost lost it when we had heard that he had set up a stall in Central Park selling 100% authentic original signed #Banksy canvases for $60!

Street art is as true an art form as any allowing artists to share their creative thoughts and visions with the entire world.

For us personally at CWB, street art is a release from the day to day norms. It enables us to step outside of our mainstream lives and take a pause to question and appreciate the intricate murals on the sides of what would typically be empty, otherwise unnoticed, walls that we walk by everyday.

We have special love for #Banksy. He’s one of the few artists who is able to express his art political and social commentary with a dark sense of humor. Here at CWB, we are all about dark sarcasm….ie: Snarkasm?

#Whatareyoubitcheslookin’at? As Halloween is upon us it is fitting that new rumors crop up about multiple #Banksy’s. I’ve seen at least three on the street today just proving that his art has infiltrated more than just our town, but also the American Zeitgeist.

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