Looking Cool While Staying Warm

This winter season has been one for the books; it’s been bitterly cold. Which poses the dilemma for almost every fashionista: the daily struggle of looking chic or staying warm. Well, here at Comes with Baggage we say,  “Why can’t you have both?” We believe you can.

Here are some tips to stay warm while looking totally cool!

The first staple in any closet for winter should be a long peacoat. We love how Miranda Kerr pairs her classic peacoat with over-the-knee boots for an updated look.

Miranda Kerr

For a little bit more of a dressy feel, a long peacoat may be exactly what your wardrobe needs. Go with a traditional black, grey or brown OR try a red, deep green, blue, or bright yellow to bring a pop of color to those dreary winter days! Check out Kristin Chenoweth and Olivia Palermo rocking matching yellow peacoat’s below and Taylor Swift in a red military coat.

yellow coat

And the great thing about peacoats is that they come in a ton of different price points!

Awesome Layering Tips!

Layers are key for staying warm in the winter and if you choose the right ones, you wont feel like a bulky abominable snowman all day long. Start off with a nude cami under your blouse or sweater. This will give you an extra layer that won’t be noticeable but will keep you toasty. Try sweaters that are a bit more form fitting, it will cut the bulk and keep your body heat in. Also, try a silk button down under your sweater or cardigan. The silk looks sleek and fashionable while keeping in the heat!


Re-use your summer wardrobe. Just because the seasons change, doesn’t mean that your entire wardrobe has to change with it. Take your favorite summer dresses and layer them over a form-fitting turtleneck for some warmth. If you’re not into the turtleneck, pair your dresses with opaque tights and boots.

summer wardrobe

summer 2

Speaking of tights, we LOVE them. Wear them under dresses or skirts for that extra layer. Opaque tights are a little thicker so they are great for the winter. If it’s extra chilly out, fleece lined tights are a lifesaver. They come in all colors (and even patterns) and look cute and feminine while feeling like you’re wearing sweats! Major win! And lets be honest, you can wear tights with just about anything.


Leather Pants

Leather is sexy and fun.

leather pants

It may take you a bit of jumping up and down or wiggling to get them on but once you do they will feel almost as hot as they look (but in a good way). Pair them with a cute sweater or blouse and some pumps and you’re set! We love how Miranda Kerr and Gwen Stefani sported their leather pants!

Scarves, Gloves and Hats, oh My!

Ah, the three main accessories for keeping warm in the winter. Scarves are the perfect accessories for cold winter days because not only do they keep you warm, but they also are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit.


Let’s not forget about our hands! Gloves are an essential part of staying warm through the cold winter months. We find leather lined gloves to be the warmest and most stylish.  Some of our favorite celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Liu, Kelly Rutherford and Jessica Simpson make leather gloves a winter wardrobe staple. Let’s also not forget Adele’s epic Vogue cover with her black leather gloves!


gloves 2


Treat your hat like your best friend, because in the bitter cold of winter there is nothing like a beanie to keep you warm and look cool.






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